Hydroelectric Sector

Artigiana Carpenterie works in the wide metalwork sector and offers top quality products for hydroelectric systems, on the basis of its specific experience with these specific applications.

During over thirty years of work the Company has been able to gain the trust of its customers thanks to its reliability, professional skills, precision and timeliness.

The use of carefully selected raw materials and the staff specialized in the mechanical processing of products, including large dimension pieces, has enabled the Company to offer the market top quality, high performance hydroelectric components which meet all the applicable regulations. Artigiana Carpenterie guarantees the use of normalized, fine grain P355NH, P460NG, S460N steel or high-resistance S500Q tempered steel.

Many examples of Artigiana Carpenterie’s products with very large dimensions and with very high quality standards required by customers, in particular concerning welding and the geometrical tolerances of the hydraulic profiles can be given. Among the most significant products we can find, for example, a Kaplan type turbine casing with a total weight of 110,000 kg, a distributor for a Kaplan turbine weighing 5,500 kg, a casing for a Kaplan type turbine weighing 21,000 kg, a discharge pipe for a hydroelectric power station weighing 25,000 kg and a spiral casing for a Francis turbine with a total weight of 140,000 kg.

The wide production of components for hydroelectric systems offered by Artigiana Carpenterie includes also top covers, bottom and discharge rings, pressure pipelines and distributors, discharge pipes and gates, turbine shafts and generators, rotors and stators.

Kaplan type turbine casing, total weight: 110,000 kg

Vertical axis Pelton distributor for turbine

Kaplan type turbine discharge cone, weight: 5,500 kg

Discharge pipe for the hydroelectric power station, weight: 25,000 kg

Pre-assembly of the Francis turbine spiral casing, total weight: 140,000 kg

Kaplan type turbine casing,  total weight: 21,000 kg

Trifurcated made of metal sheet S500 sp 60mm, total weight: kg 14.000