Stainless Steel

The Artigiana Carpenteria has been specialised in the top quality processing of stainless steel and other metals it offers to its very demanding customers who require high standard, effective and customized products and consultancy.

Requests concerning all types of steel products, including turbine distribution pipes and Kaplan discharge cones, may be directed to Artigiana Carpenterie. It will start the production process immediately after a careful development phase carried out using a software for the 3D processing of the pieces to be manufactured.

All laser cut, bending, welding, calendaring and finishing operations of stainless steel products required by our customers are carried out internally in our large plant in Travagliato, in the neighbourhood of Brescia, where the Company has available a production surface of 6,500 sm, 2,000 of which are covered.

The stainless steel products manufactured by Artigiana Carpenterie are used in various industrial sectors: the hydroelectric and thermoelectric sector, the steelmaking and metalwork sector and several other sectors requiring top quality products. Stainless steel consists of iron alloys with interesting characteristics useful for many applications. They are highly resistant to corrosion, especially where humidity exists or freshwater is used. Large thicknesses, sizes, volumes and tons do not represent a problem, but a challenge which the Company has been able to face successfully during these years of work. The Company has many customers, both Italian and foreign, who have chosen Artigiana Carpenterie as trustworthy partner for the supply of stainless steel products, systems and parts: this proves the reliability and competence of the Company and the satisfaction of the market which constantly rewards the commitment, investments and perseverance of our Company.

Vertical axis Pelton distributor for turbine in AISI 14-4 steel

Kaplan type turbine discharge cone, weight: 5,500 kg