Steelmaking sector
We produce high quality products for the steelmaking sector, including transfer cars, casting ladles, casings and scrap pans, furnaces, cones and turrets.
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Hydroelectric sector
Profiles and components for hydroelectric systems: turbine casings, discharge pipes, distributors, covers and rings, shutters, shafts and generators.
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Stainless steel
We carry out special processing work on first choice stainless, austenitic and martensitic steel.
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We offer a specialised calendering service on third parties’ account for the production of conical and cylindrical shapes starting from flat sheets or coils.
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Artigiana Carpenterie is specialised in the production of medium to heavy weight metalwork products for various industrial sectors: steelmaking, hydroelectric power units, thermoelectrics and mechanical and metallurgical sector in general.

The know-how acquired in over 30 years of industrial work and the extensive knowledge of the Italian metallurgical sector have enabled Artigiana Carpenterie to become a highly trustworthy partner on the market for all those who need metalwork, steelwork, hydroelectric and thermoelectric products characterized by high quality, effectiveness and resistance.

Any industrial enterprise can safely rely on Artigiana Carpenterie who offers high added value services. It supplies raw, finished, and pre-finished products. It processes iron, metal and stainless steel of various types. These solutions are suitable for different industrial application sectors, including the steelmaking, building, concrete and petrochemical sectors.

lavorazione ferro metallo, metal and iron processing

Processing metal structures

Artigiana Carpenterie is very appreciated by its customers both in Italy and abroad for the solutions it offers in the sector of medium and heavy weight metal products as well as for products for the steelwork sector, for the processing of stainless steel and for calendering work on third parties’ account.