The Artigiana Carpenterie Company has the technological equipment enabling it to offer any type of mechanical work and processing of metal. In particular, it calenders metal sheets on third parties’ account: conical and cylindrical shapes can be created from metal sheets or profiles.

The calendering machines used for this work are equipped with two interchangeable rollers with parallel axes, complete with a conical calendering device processing a maximum thickness of 15 mm. (with tapering) or 40 mm (without tapering), bending pieces over a length of 3 metres.

The metal sheets going through the rollers must follow a circular path. The radius of this circular path is carefully adjusted by a careful direct reciprocal adjustment of the rollers. This technological equipment enables Artigiana Carpenterie to offer calendering work on third parties account to many industrial companies, where flexibility is guaranteed in terms of sizes, thicknesses, volumes and shapes.

Various companies have been able to take advantage of the know-how of this excellent supplier who has been working in this sector with great commitment and passion for over 30 years: it manufactures products for steelmaking companies, components for hydroelectric power stations and thermoelectric accessories, metal, building and architectural products and works for the concrete and petrochemical sector. Calendering work on third parties’ account completes the manufacturing processes of metal products, in particular of stainless steel products, offered by this Company from Travagliato, near Brescia. Each processing phase is carefully controlled in order to guarantee quality, reliability and high performance. Recent certification processes are underway. Along with the certifications already obtained, they play a very important role to guarantee customers safe, robust and customized products, when requested. The Italian and foreign market appreciate these aspects more and more and choose Artigiana Carpenterie for various processing work.

Sertom emo 15-3000 Calendering machine with two interchangeable rollers (d=220 and d=320), complete with conical calendering device. Maximum bending thickness: 15 mm over a length of 3 m, with tapering

Sertom emo 40-3000 Calendering machine with two interchangeable rollers (d=420 and d=520), complete with conical calendering device. Maximum bending thickness: 40 mm over a length of 3 m, with tapering