Steelwork Sector

The Artigiana Carpenterie Company has been supplying the steelwork sector with top quality service and steelwork products manufactured by specialised, constantly updated staff using first choice materials and innovative equipment and technology for over three decades.

To be well equipped, a steel company must also have large dimension systems: this is certainly not a problem for those who have been working in the steelmaking sector for some decades, like Artigiana Capenterie.

This equipment includes, for example, cars, furnaces, cones and turrets, indispensable for all steel processing, in connection with melting, casting, bending or transportation systems, skillfully manufactured after careful and correct planning of the work phases.

The wide range of steel products manufactured by the Artigiana Carpenterie Company of Travagliato, near Brescia, includes converters, casting ladles, casings and slag collection pots, scrap bins, furnaces and tundishes. The wide range of products which can be manufactured also includes transfer cars for steelmaking companies, such as cars for converters and ladle cars, cars for transferring scrap and residues and slag pot carriers. Some of the most important products of the Company include, for example, large volume systems: a top cone for a Basmer converter weighing 25,000 kg, a ladle car weighing 60,000kg, a ladle turret weighing over 105,000 kg, a melting furnace for brass weighing about 35,000 kg., another furnace weighing 47,000 kg , a tundish car weighing 15,000 kg and a ladle car with a casting melting unit having an overall weight of 65,000 kg.

Melting furnace, weight: 47,000 kg

Ladle turret, total weight: 105,000 kg

Upper cone for Basmer converter, weight: 25,000 kg

Ladle car, total weight: 60,000 kg

Tundish car, total weight: 15,000 kg

Melting furnace for brass, total weight: 35,000 kg

Ladle car with casting tilting unit, weight: 65,000 kg

prodotti siderurgici steelwork products

Ladle turret, total weight: 150,000 kg